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Barking House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance

House clearance Barking

Chapel and Chapel house clearances are a family run business that covers Barking. We can offer full house clearances as well as free estimates and advise. Whether you have full contents or just a single item we will be able to help and offer a service to suit your individual needs. We are more than just clearance specialists, in fact we offer a range of services including being certified enforcement agents (formerly bailiffs), auctioneers and retailers. This means we have the facilities to store, put to sale or public auction.

We offer a unique house clearing service because our focus is always on asset realisation. We don’t just charge for labour, costs and a bit of profit, we look to value the contents of a house clearance and subtract that from the transportation and any waste cost. This of course means in many cases the house clearance could be free or we could even be paying you rather than the more traditional approach adopted by our competitors. We are able to do this because we are more than just clearance specialist. We are also certified enforcement agents, auctioneers and retailers. This means we have facilities to store, put to sale or auction.

Chapel and Chapel have a wealth of experience in retailing. Much of our stock comes in via our house clearance service. We are based in Essex with a 6000sq ft showroom. We have an on-line store as well and regularly sell through e-bay and Gumtree. We offer a buyback scheme to our customers whereby we loan money on various goods T.V.’s games consoles etc with an option to buy back or extend the option after 28 days. Combined together these two elements of our business give us a realistic insight into the value of items.

Our clearance services in Barking are available to everyone. We offer a straightforward cost effective rubbish clearance service. We clear any amount and any type of rubbish from any location of your choosing. We are a better option than a skip as we are not only often less expensive but far easier and less stressful to arrange. No location is too big or too small for us. We have cleared rubbish anywhere from bedsits to mansions. Whether you have just a single item or a full load(s) we are the best choice for rubbish clearance at the best price.

How much does it cost? Is the question everyone wants to know. We treat every clearance as unique because every clearance is different. We maximise value to minimise cost. Surprisingly however, quite often the clearance is free as many homes have array of saleable items to offset the cost of a clearance. We take a closer look at any valuable items, the time it will take, larger items to be disassembled and the general amount of labour involved etc. We will give you a quote and discuss a mutually convenient date or any other concerns or requirements you might have. We welcome any pictures to be e-mailed or text to us. We have given some typical examples of costs below.


Barking House Clearance Case Study 1

1 bedroom ground floor flat

Only sellable items are 3 white goods in kitchen

No garden etc but rest of contents rubbish

Cost of clearance £195.00


Barking House Clearance Case Study 2

2 bedroom house with easy access

Furniture 5 years old max

Rubbish and metal in garage, loft and shed has rubbish

Some electrical inc. T.V.

Carpets and curtains to be removed

We paid £149.00


Barking House Clearance Case Study 3

 3 bedroom house

The client is emigrating and their furniture is very modern

There is not much large waste

The house has a large garden with no rear access

The garage is full of metal and waste

We paid £549.00

Furniture cleared from houses in Barking


We clear almost anything and everything. We have cleared vehicles, greenhouses, caravans, sheds and much more over the years. We love a challenge no matter how big or awkward to get to, so if you think something can’t be cleared or moved let us know and we’ll find the right solution. Our House clearance service is what sets us apart in our industry. We adopt all of our asset realisation skill set acquired through many years of auctioneering and servicing clients looking to extract value from the resale of commercial assets, vehicles, household furniture, electrical and personal effects. We have undertaken many commercial clearances over the years including cafes, offices and tyre centres to name but a few. In fact commercial clearances usually hold more items of value and as we would treat a commercial clearance in the same way it still means an offset against the overall cost. We always aim to provide you the lowest cost service available.

We also offer probate advice and have a complete understanding of the probate process and we are able to provide full probate valuations. This enables you to complete HM Revenue and Customs inheritance tax forms. This is essentially a contents valuation based upon a fully costed inventory taking into account logistical and waste costs. In fact it’s the same formula we use for our house clearance quotations.  Our auction house benefits this service as it provides an auditable paper trail. We have years of experience in dealing with solicitors and again in meeting their requirements.

Our staff are fully trained and highly professional. We appreciate sometimes there are reasons you would like us to be low key. Our staff are courteous and polite but do not divulge any details to the ‘friendly neighbour next door’. We have in the past arranged for plain vehicles to be used when completing a clearance. If you have any concerns then don’t hesitate to tell us. We also realise that a clearance is often needed when a loved one passes away and it may be difficult to part with some items. Don’t worry we are always sensitive and flexible to your needs.

Do you have any Antiques or collectables? Our auction rooms have operated in Essex for many years and we hold regular auction sales for HM Revenue and Customs, Essex police and on behalf of Enforcement agents (formerly bailiffs). Many of our house clearance items appear in our auctions so feel free to take a look at our auction page on our website to get a better idea of the items we auction. We can put single items to auction, please call us if you would like more information.

The environment and “being green” is an ever growing concern to everyone. At chapel and Chapel we share that concern and strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. It’s inevitable that most of the rubbish ends up at a landfill site however we take as many steps as we can to reduce our waste thus reducing the cost of the house clearance. We are licensed waste and metal carriers and we recycle responsibly whenever we can. Clothes are bagged up separately and also recycled or donated to charity.

Barking is an ideal town for our house clearance service. It sits ideally located to access Essex and London with its fantastic transport links. The house market is buoyant and attracting many first time buyers while the rental market continues to thrive. 


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