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House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Becontree

House clearance becontree

Chapel and Chapel have been in the house clearance business for over two decades and we promise to deliver a professional and experienced house clearance service. We have worked with people from all walks of life and have heard every reason for needing a house clearance. We aim to beat the stereotype people have about house clearance services and make sure you receive great customer service. We operate all throughout London, Essex and Kent  We promise to always be polite and considerate towards any situation you are in, we understand this can be a difficult time and we aim to make it as easy for you as possible.

Becontree, in East London contains a large housing estate of approx. 4 square miles, with a population of over 95,000. So you can see why we are so pleased to be offering our work to such a busy place. The estate gets its name from the ancient Becontree Hundred , the Old English meaning 'tree of a man named Beohha', we look forward to working in a town with such a great history and hope to help you prepare and provide our house clearance services for your property to change ownership.

We have worked with many people when providing house clearances and rubbish clearances and here are some examples of how we may be of service to you:
Estate Agents and Letting Agents - If you require a property to be cleared, in Becontree, or need to sell fast we can offer our house clearance or rubbish clearance services  and have the property cleared and ready for its new owner. We can also take photos of the property once its cleared, if required.
Probate Solicitor and Executor - In the unfortunate case that the owner of the property passes away and you find yourself requesting our services on behalf of the deceased, we can provide a swift and tactful service to ensure that their property is cleared of any rubbish or unwanted items.
Landlords - If the tenant of a property moves out and the property is still full of furniture or waste we can clear the property and have it ready for the new tenant as fast as possible.
Residential Home Manager - If the resident of the room or property passes away or leaves we can provide a fast and discreet service and ensure the room is cleared quickly and ready for its next resident.

Of course we always provide our professional and efficient house clearance services to the people of Becontree.

We have a lot of experience dealing in house clearances and rubbish clearance, our clearance team have cleared almost anything and everything. We have provided clearances for all types of properties including sheds, garages, outbuildings and  even vehicles. If you aren't sure if we can be of service or assistance to you please give us a call you might be surprised. Even if we can't help you this time round we are available to offer advice if we know someone who can help.

Our house clearances are unique to Becontree as we are also a second hand retailer. When dealing in house clearances we use a simple formula to calculate the prices of our house clearance , Value of Contents minus Transportation and Waste Disposal, this means if there is any valuable or sellable items in the property they can be sold by us and this will help offset your overall charges. In some cases a house clearance has been free or we could end up paying you for the privilege of the house clearance.

We also provide Becontree with a rubbish clearance service where we will remove and dispose of any waste or rubbish stockpiling in the property and ensure it is disposed of in the correct manner. We always adhere to the strict environmental policies set and believe in  the code 'recycle, recycle, recycle' to help aid in the reduction of the use of landfills.

Not only do we provide house clearance and rubbish clearances but we also provide a commercial clearance to Becontree where we will clear, remove and dispose of any waste or unwanted items in your offices, cafes, shops, etc. We always promise to deliver a professional and experienced service to all of our customers and clients.

As well as house clearances, rubbish clearances and commercial clearances we also provide probate valuations. In the unfortunate case someone passes away and you need their items valued and house cleared we can be of service. Our experienced valuers can help determine the best accurate price of any item you have as we are always up to date on market changes. We also can provide a house or rubbish clearance service if needed and we are always there to help give advice on any of the steps you may need to take. We understand this can be a difficult time and so our probate team are always considerate and polite.

As well as being a second hand retailer we are also auctioneers, if we bring back an item from a house clearance to sell but feel it can reach a higher value we can put it up for auction.
If you require hard copies of the services we have provided for you we can supply receipts and paperwork on request. This paperwork can contain the services we provided and their charges and if there were any items passed onto us to sell we can give you a list of items to help give you a visual aid of how we priced our services.

We understand this may be a stressful or difficult time and so we can provide a discreet and fast service to make this as easy for you as possible.
You can find us on most social media sites, by clicking the links in the side bar, here you can stay up to date with any items we collect or any new areas we are offering our house clearance services to.

To find out more about our house clearance and rubbish clearance services in Becontree please give us a call we offer free advice and quotes.

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