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House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Bishops Stortford

House clearance Bishops Stortford

Chapel and Chapel are pleased to be offering house clearance and rubbish clearance services to Bishop's Stortford. We have over two decades of experience dealing in house clearances all over Essex, London and Kent. We have worked with people from all walks of life, and have heard every reason for a house clearance, so we understand that this could be a difficult and stressful time which is why our clearance team are always considerate and polite towards any circumstance. Our number one priority as a business is to achieve excellent customer service and satisfaction as we also aim to beat the stereotype that comes with the house clearance business.

However our house clearance service in Bishop's Stortford is different because we are also a second hand retailer and when dealing in house clearances we use the simple formula, Value of Contents minus Transportation and Waste Disposal, this means if any valuable or sellable items are found in the property they can be sold in our store. In return this will help offset your overall costs. in some cases our house clearance has been free or we could end up paying you for the privilege of the house clearance or rubbish clearance.

During our many years in the house clearance industry we have helped many types of people and businesses prepare their homes or buildings for a change of ownership. This has also helped us build a fantastic customer base including national bodies such as HM Revenue and Customs, local authorities and Essex Police.

We have helped Estate Agents and Letting Agents by ensuring that any property preparing to be sold or re let is clear of any waste or furniture that needs to be cleared. We can even take photos of the property once the job is done.

Our house clearance and rubbish clearance service has been useful to Probate Solicitors and Executors as we have been able to swiftly remove any waste from the property where the owner is now deceased.
Landlords can use our house clearance or rubbish clearance services if the tenant moves out and leaves behind unwanted furniture and waste. We can ensure to have the property cleared and ready for its new tenant as soon as possible.

We can also be of assistance to Residential Home Managers  in the unfortunate case a resident passes away or moves out we can tailor our house clearance and rubbish clearance services, if the resident only occupied one room we can provide a single room service.

Not only have we catered for many types of people we have also catered for many types of property. Our well experienced clearance team have dealt with almost every and any type of clearance. We have cleared almost anything from  residential / commercial buildings, lofts, basements, garages, sheds, greenhouses, outbuildings and even vehicles. If you are in doubt that we can help you, in Bishop's Stortford, with your type of clearance give us a call you might be surprised.

We also provide Bishop's Stortford with our rubbish clearance service where our clearance team will remove any waste or unwanted items from the property and ensure that they are disposed of in the correct manner. We always adhere to environmental policies as we aim to help aid in the reduction of landfills. We also believe in the code 'Recycle, Recycle, Recycle' to ensure that we are doing what we can to help the environment. We are also licensed waste carriers and always dispose of rubbish correctly to ensure that you don't end up facing harsh consequences if waste is disposed of wrongly.

Not only are we a second hand retailer but we are also auctioneers and if we feel a product or item could fetch a higher price than in store we will perform our own auctions.

We also provide Bishop's Stortford with our commercial clearance service, so if you have an office, cafe, shop or any other type of commercial building that requires a clearance we can provide our commercial clearance service. We promise to deliver a professional and well organised commercial clearance service.

As well as clearance services we also provide probate valuation services to Bishop's Stortford, in the unfortunate case that you find you find yourself requesting our services on behalf of the deceased we can help you by walking you through the necessary steps you will need to take in order to complete the process. We also guarantee to determine the best possible price for your items as we always keep up to date with any market changes. Our clearance services can also be included if needed.

We understand that this may be a difficult time and you may just want the whole process over with as soon as possible, which is why we are also offering a discreet house clearance service where we can complete the clearance swiftly and discreetly to save you having to explain to nosy neighbours. We can also supply hard copies and receipts of our services on request, which will show you the services we charged and supplied and if we collected any items from the property we can provide a list of the items collected so you can see how we calculated our charges.

You can also find us on almost all social media sites, by clicking the links in the side bar, you can find our social media pages and find out more about our business, what areas we work in and any items we have collected or have in store. You can also use social media to ask us questions or leave comments and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

To find out more about our house clearance, rubbish clearance, commercial clearance and probate valuation services please give us a call, if we can't help you this time round we may be able to direct you to another person who may be able to help or advice on what you can do next. We always provide free advice and quotes please give us a call.

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