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House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Colchester

Chapel and Chapel offer a range of clearance services in Colchester to meet any need. Our services are regularly used by a number of local and national bodies such as HM Revenue and customs, Essex police and Southend Council to name but a few.

We offer a unique clearing service because our focus is always on asset realisation. We don’t just charge for labour costs, we look to value the contents of a clearance and subtract that from the transportation and any waste cost. This of course means in many cases the house clearance could be free or we could even be paying you rather than the more traditional approach adopted by our competitors.

Sometimes it may be the case it’s just rubbish to be cleared, so we also offer a complete rubbish clearance service in Colchester. We clear any amount and any type of rubbish from any location of your choosing. We are a better option than a skip as we are not only often less expensive but far easier and less stressful to arrange. We are licensed waste carriers and take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

We have undertaken many commercial clearances over the years including cafes, offices and tyre centres plus many more. In fact commercial clearances usually hold more items of value and as we would treat any asset realisation in the same way it still means an offset against the overall cost.

We are Chapel and Chapel and we are clearance specialists. We can meet any and every clearance need you may have in Colchester. We are an Essex based ltd company who have been established over 80 years. We offer a range of services including being certified enforcement agents, auctioneers and retailers. We have the facilities to store, put to sale or public auction. We also offer probate advice and have a complete understanding of the complete probate process and we are able to provide probate valuations.

Call us now and we will be happy to arrange for a quotation by arranging a visit from one of our highly experienced team at a convenient time at the property you would like cleared. From there we can give you a quotation and arrange a suitable date to complete your clearance, usually within days. Alternatively you can e-mail pictures to us with your contact details and we can provide an estimate.

Chapel and Chapel are a family run well established and highly regarded House Clearance company in Essex. Although we cover the Colchester area we are able to carry out our work almost anywhere within the county. We have local in house Auction Rooms that deal with many of the contents discovered at House Clearances and with Colchester being an early historical town we see a vast array of antiques and collectibles from all eras. We use the many strings of our Asset Realisation bow when visiting the property that requires the House Clearance identifying each and every item that has a value which can help reduce the cost of the job.

We can handle any size of property with any amount of contents, regardless of whether they are sellable or simply waste. If you have a garden shed, a garage, stables or other outbuildings then we are happy to clear those too. Lofts are not a problem and quite often net a substantial find, enough to again offset a vast proportion of the work involved in clearing them.

So if you think that our unique approach to House Clearance might suit your needs then please do give us a call and we will be happy to furnish you with as much advice as you need to guide you through the clearance process. We are not always able to give you an exact quote over the telephone but certainly if you can arm us with a little bit more information, maybe some photographs by email of the rooms that require clearing and the address details in order that we might use the mighty Google Street view to ascertain access to the house etc. we should be able to give you an exact quotation for House Clearance.

 House Clearance and Probate valuations are very similar in that one is just an execution of the other’s contents. A probate valuation contains an inventory of the items being valued for inheritance tax purposes and takes into account the logistics and waste costs to clear the house. The same quotation cost that we give you for a House Clearance is a suitable figure for Probate purposes and vice-versa. We can provide a Probate Valuation as involved and complex as you wish it to be or a simple basic figure. Please take a look at the probate valuation link on our left hand menu.

Colchester is literally steeped in history as it’s the earliest recorded town in England. It was first recorded in the year 77 AD. Today Colchester is an ever thriving cosmopolitan town and with a population of over 180,000 we are certainly kept on our toes with the buoyant and fast moving property market. House prices in Colchester are seeing prospective first time buyers shying away from purchasing and becoming the thrust of the rental market. Chapel and Chapel mirror this fast paced market and we are often called to react at short notice for landlords and solicitors on fast completion times. Whatever service you require, we’ve got you covered at Chapel and Chapel.


Colchester House Clearance Case study

Hoarders! The bane of some peoples’ lives (and understandably so in most cases). Off course here at Chapel and Chapel we take a slightly different view as hoarders provide us with work in one way or another. Arriving at the clearance is met with an element of sadness as we were informed the previous occupant was deceased.

Here at Chapel and Chapel we don’t judge and for someone to live in a home like this would mean problems you wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. So sadness quickly gives way to WOW! That’s a lot of work. Almost every room is nearly waist high in rubbish, we can’t even see the few items we have been asked to leave yet. No time to lose, we have to start bagging rubbish fast. At first the team feel like it’s a losing battle as any headway we seem to make quickly gets filled in again but we plough on (as ever!) We soon begin to fill the first van with rubbish and will be making a “tip run” soon. Lots and lots of clothes everywhere so we bag these up and will send for recycling, helping the environment and reducing costs, everyone’s a winner! Several hours and energy drinks later we have almost cleared the property. We offer a full range of clearance services and on this occasion we have been asked to remove carpets, curtains and basically all fittings. Not a pleasant job but it has to be done. Just metals and a few bits left over that may be sellable. We found the items the client wanted left! It’s been a long day but always rewarding to see the before and after pictures on a job like this. House clearance done and on to the next one, after a good night’s sleep!    Goodbye Colchester for now.   



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