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Dagenham House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance

House clearance in Dagenham

Chapel and Chapel House Clearances are a family run business that cover Dagenham and its neighbouring towns such as Romford and Ilford.

We can offer full house clearances as well as free estimates and whether you have full contents or just a single items we will be able to help and offer a service to suit your individual needs.

Our services are regularly used but a number of local and global authorities such as HM Revenue & Customs, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Essex Police and Southend Council to name a few. If you require any references please enquire.

Whatever you have to sell or clear please give us a call for some free advise. Whether you have Antiques to iPads or Bedroom Furniture to Bicycles, we will consider anything and everything.

We provide a unique service within our industry as much of our focus is on Asset Realisation, extracting value in as much content of the house clearance as possible.

We serve many sectors of industry and public so please take a look to see if we might be able to help with your House Clearance

Estate Agents we are able to help you to prepare the property for resale or relet. We aim to execute all of our House Clearances within 7 days from the initial viewing to the final emptying of the house. Option to remove carpets, curtains and fixtures such as fitted bedroom furniture and kitchens dependant upon the client requirements. We have operated our own Public Auction House for many years so are able to place the suitable contents to Public Auction should the client require an auditable trail for individual items.

Estate Executors and Solicitors dealing with Probate we are able to provide you with a wide range of services from probate valuations through to full or part house clearances. We are a fully regulated licenced waste carrier and follow the guidelines set out by the environmental agency. We operate our own in house Auction Rooms that have been established for over 80 years servicing HM Revenue and Customs and Essex Police, two clients for whom we are able to offer a fully itemised and auditable inventry of all items sold on the clients behalf, often an essential factor when dealing with Asset Realisation and  House Clearances.

Flats and Houses in Dagenham are in abundance with and with a population of over 180,000 people we are certainly kept on our toes with the buoyant and fast moving Dagenham property market. Whether you have a room that needs clearing, a studio flat, large apartment, terraced home or large estate we can help with all of your house clearance needs. We clear homes of all saleable assets and waste using a unique approach which helps to drive costs down but ensures a quality of workmanship rarely experienced in our industry.

Our Unique Approach to House Clearance is what sets us apart in our industry. We adopt all of our asset realisation skillset acquired through many years of auctioneering and servicing clients looking to extract value from the resale of commercial assets, vehicles, household furniture, electricals and personal effects. We have an in house auction rooms as well as a huge showroom in Essex buying and selling all household effects.

How much does a House Clearance Cost? is probably the most commonly asked question. There are of course many contributing factors such as access to the property, type of waste, age of the contents etc but we use a very simple formula:  Value of the contents minus cost of clearing the waste and emptying the house. So in answer to that question the answer is often 'A House Clearance costs nothing' as many homes have a good array of saleable contents to offset against the cost of clearing the house of waste and pereparing it for resale or relet. Of course we are able to estimate the cost of the house clearance should you want to email us some photographs of the rooms or we are happy to meet you at the Dagenham property to assess further the task in hand.

So now you know a little more about House Clearances it's time to tell you a little bit more about us at Chapel and Chapel. We are an Essex based limited company who have been established over 80 years. Our skillset all centres around asset realisation and the tools we attach to our business all aid and assist in the house clearance sector

  • Licenced Enforcement Agency fully compliant with the Taking Control Of Goods Act
  • Licenced Waste Carriers
  • Licenced Metal Recylcling and Waste Carriers
  • Public Auctioneers with in House Auction Rooms
  • Fully adept at assisting in matters of Probate and preparing probate valuations
  • Retailers of household furniture and consumer electronics wiuth 6000sq ft showrooms


So now that you know a little bit more about us at Chapel and Chapel please take a quick look at our short videos detailing our House Clearance and Auctioneering services in Dagenham.


Dagenham with it's fast moving property market makes it almost impossible to drive down any street without seeing an agent's for sale, for let or sold board outside. Dagenham has such good rail and road links into the city that it has attracted such a growth in population. The marketplace is both buoyant and on the up. House prices in Dagenham are seeing first time buyers shying away from purchasing homes and these are now becoming the heart of Dagenham's rental market.

Chapel and Chapel are able to mirror this fast paced market. We are often called to react at short notice to a house clearance and are always able to accommodate. Tenant changeovers for landlords, fast completion times on new purchases we've got it all covered for you here at Chapel and Chapel.
I hope you have found our services involving enough to have got this far down the page so please now take a look at a House Clearance example that we have prepared for you to ponder.

Dagenham House Clearance Case Study
January 2015

Dagenham house for clearance

As is the case with so many of our customers our client had decided that it was time to clear the property as an exchange of contracts was imminent and upon the Estate Agents advice it was time to progress matters further. We had alrteady been to view the House Clearance weeks prior and had already cleared some of the rooms so that whilst the agent was marketing the property it was still furnished yet tidy and furnished to give good perspective of room sizes. Some agents ask that the client has a House Clearance in this way where others prefer that a full house clearance is performed to leave all of the rooms empty. This is often the case when a client wishes to redecorate a property prior to resale.

The house clearance was fairly straight forward in the home as all of the waste had previously been cleared at stage one leaving just the furniture and effects that were kept to aid the visual elament of reselling the property. There were some key pieces that had been removed at stage one which I will show you below in a second. The larger pieces were essentially the furniture that denoted the purpose of the rooms for example a bed in the bedroom, a dining set in the dining room, sofe set in the living room so on and so forth. The house clearance stage 2 therefore was very straight forward in respect of the house as all of the items were of a saleable value.

Garage waiting to be cleared

Garage Clearances and shed clearances generally attract a cost to the overall House Clearance price. In our example here the garage was not kept traditionally for a car but more so for a lifetime collection of garden equipment, old furniture converted to storage cabinets and probably the largest collection of nuts and bolts in jam jars that we have ever seen. There was a lot of metal in the garage which of course allows us to make good use of our Environmental Agency scrap metal carrying licence. Most garages are at the front of the house making the clearance fairly straight forward however this one was at the back of the garden with the only access via the rear alleyway which in time had become too overgrown to allow vehicular access. We made a cost based decision to clear the alleyway to allow access as this would far outweigh the extra time that it would have taken to carry all of the waste through the garden and then through the house not to mention the potential mess that it would have made.

We are adept at making all of the decisions regarding the clearance for you anfd manage the whole project no matter how complex it appears. We keep our clients informed of any changes to the initial plan of the House Clearance but do not burdon them with having to make uncalculated decisions. We assess ourselves the best course of action and act accordingly.




As mentioned earlier we are keen to extract value in as much of the house clearance contents as is possible. This Dagenham House Clearancee had it's key furniture pieces removed at stage one. These pieces were then marketed on the client's behalf. Some were offered for sale at our Public Auction Rooms and other sold on a commission sale basis.

We are ourselves retailers so will always be happy to purchase the household contents from you and offeset this against the cost of the House Clearance however should you wish as our client did to take advantages of the many other services that we offer please do enquire.

We have a broad skillset in Asset Realisation and will be able to obtain the best prices for you taking into account and of course managing all aspects such as logistics and storage. At Chapel and Chapel we really are re-inventing the house clearance market.

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