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House Clearance in Ilford

Who are we?
Chapel and Chapel have been established for over 20 years and have the expertise and professionalism you would expect from such an experienced company.  We have built up relationships in Ilford with Estate agents, landlords and tenants to provide the best and most unique clearance services offered in our industry.

Why are we the best? 
Because the way we work is to maximise any value to minimise any costs. This means we will always give you a better price than anyone else to complete a clearance. We often complete clearances free of charge because of this method and on occasion we pay!

How are we able to do this?
Because we are more than just clearance specialists, in fact we offer a range of services including being certified enforcement agents, auctioneers and retailers. This means we have the facilities to store, put to sale or public auction.  

I need my house cleared but it’s all rubbish? 
O.k. sometimes there is nothing of value to be cleared and you need the rubbish gone. We’re still confident we are your best option compared to a skip for instance. We are licensed waste carriers and take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

How much do you charge?
How long is a piece of string! We appreciate it can be frustrating to not get an immediate answer (even roughly!) Another reason we are unique is because we treat every clearance as unique to give you the best possible price. Unlike some others we do not turn up with the intent to “bump” the price. We give you a quote and stick to it. We know too that sometimes you’re not sure if something will be kept or cleared there and then. Not a problem for us, because we value items you’ll always know the clearance cost (if any!).

How do you value my clearance? 
The best way is for one of our experienced valuers to visit the property you wish to be cleared. We can then take a closer look at any valuable items, the time it will take, larger items to be disassembled and the general amount of labour involved etc. We will give you a quote and discuss a mutually convenient date or any other concerns or requirements you might have. We always welcome any pictures to be e-mailed or text to us, ideally at least one from each room to be cleared and also of the access to the property.

I need a clearance but it’s not a residential property? 
No problem! We have undertaken many commercial clearances over the years including cafes, offices and tyre centres to name but a few.    In fact commercial clearances usually hold more items of value and as we would treat a commercial in the same way it still means an offset against the overall cost.

I don’t think you’ll clear this?
Try us, you might be surprised! We clear almost anything and everything. We have cleared vehicles, greenhouses, caravans, sheds and much more over the years. We love a challenge no matter how big or awkward to get to, so if you think something can’t be cleared or moved let us know and we’ll find the right solution.         

Could you be as discreet as possible? 
Absolutely. Our staff are fully trained and highly professional. We appreciate sometimes there are reasons you would like us to be low key. Our staff are courteous and polite but do not divulge any details to the ‘friendly neighbour next door’. We have in the past arranged for plain vehicles to be used when completing a clearance. If you have any concerns then don’t hesitate to tell us.

Can you provide me with paperwork, receipts etc?
Of course. There are times when an auditable paper trail is needed. As we deal with asset realisation and probate valuation we are more than used to providing the relevant paperwork.

It all sounds great, what now? 
Call us! We offer free advice and no obligation quotations. Are friendly team waiting and happy to discuss whatever requirements you have from our range of services. All it takes is one call to solve any and all clearance needs in Ilford.

Chapel and Chapel have been performing House Clearances in Ilford for many years. We have our own in house Auction Rooms as well as being retailers ourselves. Whatever you have at your house clearance we really do have it covered.

Ilford is a large cosmopolitan town in the northeast of London and the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Redbridge. It is located 9 miles northeast of Charing Cross and is a major metropolitan centre. Ilford forms a significant commercial and retail centre surrounded by extensive residential development. Because of the ever increasing demand for housing, Chapel and Chapel have worked extensively with local Estate agents and Landlords in recent years.  

Our knowledge of the house clearance field will prove invaluable to you as our resources we can call upon to realise the maximum potential for your contents are immense. We have good local knowledge of Ilford and a great reputation within the town. The 210,000 population of Ilford has cemented it firmly in the Essex County and we hope that as an Essex based family run business you will choose us for your house clearance needs.

Ilford House Clearance Case Study
October 2014

Ilford house for clearance

Another day another clearance! Today we had to clear all the contents of a 2 bedroom terraced house in Ilford. On this occasion we were contacted by the landlord as the previous tenants decided to leave without saying goodbye. Obviously the landlord needed to rent the property out again as soon as possible as he was losing rent each day it was empty. As ever we try to accommodate requests to complete a clearance as soon as possible and started the clearance 2 days after the initial viewing. The landlord wanted the property completely emptied so the property could be rented out again as unfurnished. A fairly straight forward one this as most smaller bits were taken by the tenants who kindly left the larger items like beds and wardrobes. That’s good news for the landlord as all the bedroom furniture was in good condition and something that could be sold on.

Ilford house contents

In the kitchen there were a few nice white goods which the landlord originally thought about keeping but decided against in the end to keep the cost down. As is usually the case, the kitchen was full of crockery, food, the obligatory carrier bag collection and saucepans etc. Sometimes kitchen items can be sellable especially some complete saucepan and crockery sets but not today, more chintz than china!

Ilford kitchen clearance

No garage on this one but there was a shed in the garden with the only access being through the front. There’s a bit of rubbish to clear but also a nice lawnmower and a 2 seater table and chairs. So far it’s fairly even between rubbish and sellable items but what’s in the loft? More rubbish but also some very interesting looking model trains. I’m not normally one for train spotting but clearly there was some sort of value to them and would definitely drum up a bit of interest at auction. So all in all one of our more run of the mill jobs. It has taken about 3 and a half hours and we have the property exactly as the landlord wanted which he was pleased about but I suspect he was even more pleased we didn’t charge him a penny!!

Ilford shed clearance

Ilford loft clearance

" Thankyou Chapel and Chapel for the House Clearance at our Ilford property"




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