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House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Ipswich

House clearance Ipswich

Chapel and Chapel, a family run business, has been dealing in the house clearance industry for over two decades, and during our many years of experience in the business, we have worked and helped many people from all walks of life. Our aim as a business is to raise the professional standard of the clearance industry as we promise to deliver you the best possible, efficient and tailored, service we can.

We are very delighted to be offering our full house clearance and rubbish clearance service to Ipswich and all other Suffolk towns. We are not only a house clearance company but also a well established auction house and second hand retailer. Our method and approach to house clearances isn’t like your stereotypical house clearance company.

Our method when dealing house clearances in Ipswich is unlike any other because we take a new and fresh approach to house and rubbish clearances, as previously mentioned we are not only a house clearance company so during the quotation stage any item or contents, of the property in Ipswich, that is deemed sellable and that hold some value to us will help offset your overall charges. If the property is filled with extremely high quality contents then your house clearance could be free of charge or we could even end up paying you for the privilege of clearing the property.

Here’s a brief example of one of our house clearances in Ipswich:

Our client had a one bedroom first floor flat.

The property was due to be sold, and had lots of access and a lift.

The contents were quite modern due to a recent refurbishment.

There were many electrical appliances and furniture that we could sell, that could fetch a high price.

The property had no garage or shed.

The house clearance was free.

We understand that sometimes you won’t have a property, in Ipswich, that is full of sellable or valuable contents and rather just unwanted items or waste. In this case we can provide our rubbish clearance services, where we will remove or dispose of any rubbish in the correct manner and agreed price. We are licensed waste carriers and we adhere and follow the strict environmental codes and policies set down. We also believe in the code of recycle- recycle- recycle as we aim to help aid in the reduction of landfills.

We do not only provide our house clearance and rubbish clearance services to strictly houses; we also will clear sheds, garages, outbuildings, flats and even vehicles. If you’re not sure if we can provide you with our services give us a call you may be surprised by the outcome as our clearance team have experience clearing almost anything and everything.

As mentioned before we are also an established auction house so if any contents from the property is sellable and we feel it may reach a higher price at auction then we can sell the product from our own auction.

As well as this we also can provide a commercial clearance in the case that you may have an office, cafe, etc. That may need a clearance then our clearance team are also well experienced in commercial clearances.

We have helped and worked with many different people when dealing in house clearances:

Landlords – If you have a tenant move out and require a house clearance as the property is sill filled with belongings our swift house clearances services can clear the property and if you are missing some rent we may be able to return some money to you.

Letting agents – If you need a house clearance we can provide an efficient service and ensure the property is clear for when you need it.

Estate agents – you may need a property cleared to sell we can promise a fast service and we are also available to take photos of the cleared property if needed.

Residential home manager – If you have a room or property that needs to be cleared we can promise a tactful and swift house clearance or rubbish clearance service so the property is ready for a new resident.

Probate Solicitor or Executor - We can ensure that we will deliver a professional and well-organised service should the owner of the property pass away.

And of course we provide a well tailored and professional service to the people of Ipswich where we will aim to give you the house clearance or rubbish clearance service you need.

We understand that your reason for needing our services may not be the best and we also provide Probate Valuations where our experienced valuers will help you through the procedures you’ll be required to take and we can also help dispose or value your items as we are always up to date with market changes and can guarantee that we can determine the best and most accurate price.

If you require a hard copy of or services we provided you we can give you paperwork or receipts on request as well as an items list for selected or valuable items that came from your property in Ipswich.

Ipswich being such a large town with its fast moving property market, due to its high amount of population, makes us eager to help provide our house clearance service to Ipswich so we can help the people of Ipswich prepare their homes for resale, relet or even just a renovation.

We are available on many social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc. You can find or social media pages in the side bar, as well as our blog site where we have more information about our services and any special items we have found in a house clearance.

We always try to meet our customers’ needs and provide an efficient and yet affordable service with a fast response, to receive a free quote on a property in Ipswich clicks the link in the side bar.

We want to give the best possible House clearance service to Ipswich as we can so that is why we are offering free house clearance advice and quotations.

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