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Loughton House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance

House clearance in Loughton

Chapel and Chapel offer a range of house clearance services in Loughton to meet any need. Our services are regularly used by a number of local and national bodies such as HM Revenue and customs, Essex police and Southend Council to name but a few. Chapel and Chapel have been established for over 20 years and have the expertise and professionalism you would expect from such an experienced company. At the heart of everything we do is asset realisation and we believe we are unique in our field and hundreds of our clients would agree.

The way we work is to maximise any value to minimise any costs. This means we will always give you a better price than anyone else to complete a clearance. We often complete house clearances free of charge because of this method and on occasion we pay! We value your house clearance by identifying any items we believe are saleable by way of retail or auction sale. Usually we will arrange for one of our experienced valuers to visit the property you wish to be cleared. We can then take a closer look at any valuable items, the time it will take, larger items to be disassembled and the general amount of labour involved etc. We will give you a quote and discuss a mutually convenient date or any other concerns or requirements you might have.

We clear almost anything and everything. We have cleared from Loughton properties vehicles, greenhouses, caravans, sheds and much more over the years. We love a challenge no matter how big or awkward to get to, so if you think something can’t be cleared or moved let us know and we’ll find the right solution. We can also project manage clearances and moves. We are realistic and flexible, we understand dates can be subject to change and we can accommodate this.

Our staff are fully trained and highly professional. We are more than just house clearance specialists, in fact we offer a range of services including being certified enforcement agents, auctioneers and retailers. This means we have the facilities to store put to sale or public auction. Chapel and Chapel have a wealth of experience in retailing. Much of our stock comes in via our house clearance service. We are based in Essex with a 6000sq ft showroom. We have an on-line store as well and regularly sell through e-bay and Gumtree.

Sometimes there is nothing of value to be cleared and you need the rubbish gone. We’re still confident we are your best option compared to a skip for instance. We are licensed waste carriers and take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Recycling is an area we are getting more and more proficient in. We are often able to separate wood and glass from the general waste to reduce our carbon footprint. Clothes can make up a fair chunk of the clearance. We often find we have to dispose of several wardrobes full of clothes. When suitable we will bag up clothes and will take them to be recycled.

How much do we charge? We appreciate it can be frustrating to not get an immediate answer (even roughly!) Another reason we are different is because we treat every clearance as unique to give you the best possible price. Unlike some others we do not turn up with the intent to “bump” the price. We give you a quote and stick to it. We know too that sometimes you’re not sure if something will be kept or cleared there and then. Not a problem for us, because we value items you’ll always know the clearance cost (if any!). We have given some typical examples.


Loughton House Clearance Case Study 1

Our client has a 2 bedroom terraced house to clear with easy access

The property has no garage or shed however the loft is rather full of rubbish

The property has reasonably modern furniture and effects

There are a lot of good electrical items at the property, P.C.’s T.V.’s etc

This house clearance was FREE

Example 2

Loughton House Clearance Case Study 2

The property has a garage and 2 sheds mainly containing metal and rubbish

The garden is 100ft long with no rear access so logistics not great

As the client will be emigrating abroad for work purposes the furniture and effects will be staying The furniture is modern and has a very good resale value

We paid £700

Loughton House Clearance Case Study 3

Our client had a 1 bedroom flat to clear

The furniture was very dated and few saleable items.

The cooker, fridge and washing machine were in good condition

Mainly rubbish to clear

We only charged £195

Furniture cleared from houses in Loughton


Our House clearance is what sets us apart in our industry. We adopt all of our asset realisation skill set acquired through many years of auctioneering and servicing clients looking to extract value from the resale of commercial assets, vehicles, household furniture, electrical and personal effects. We have undertaken many commercial clearances over the years including cafes, offices and tyre centres to name but a few. In fact commercial clearances usually hold more items of value and as we would treat a commercial clearance in the same way it still means an offset against the overall cost. We always aim to provide you the lowest cost service available.

We also offer probate advice and have a complete understanding of the complete probate process and we are able to provide probate valuations. If you need any probate advice in Loughton we are able to provide it and enable you to complete the HM Revenue and Customs inheritance tax forms. This is essentially a contents valuation based upon a fully costed inventory taking into account logistical and waste costs. This is the same formula we use for our house clearance quotations. More information can be found on our website, just click on ‘Probate Valuations’

Loughton is a bit of a hidden gem situated in a wonderful location for access to London, Essex and the M25. With its proximity to Epping forest giving fantastic views, Loughton is a pleasant surprise to visitors given it short distance from London. We are certainly kept on our toes with the buoyant and fast moving property market.  


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