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House Clearance and Rubbish Clearance in Walthamstow

House clearance Walthamstow

Chapel and Chapel are a highly experienced and professional company and we have been in business for over five decades and operate all over Essex, Kent, London, Suffolk and Herts. We are delighted to be able to offer our house clearance and rubbish clearance services to Walthamstow and the surrounding London area.  We always aim to be incredibly efficient and provide customers with the best possible service, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction. 

We are pleased to be offering our services to Walthamstow, with its fast moving property markets and incredibly highly populated area, plus with its urban development and popular music history, it’s no wonder why so many people visit this wonderful town and it’s a pleasure to be able to offer our house clearance and rubbish clearance services here.

We have many years of experience in the house clearance industry and during our time in business we have worked with lots of different people from all walks of life. We have heard very reason for a house clearance and we understand that the reason may not be the best, which is why our clearance team are always considerate and polite towards any circumstance.

Our house clearance service is unlike any other in Walthamstow, as not only are we a house clearance and rubbish clearance company but we are also a second hand retailer, so when it comes to calculating house clearances we use a simple formula, Value of Contents minus Transportation and Waste Disposal. This means that if we the property contains valuable or sellable items, which you wish to, dispose of we can sell them in our store and this can help offset your overall charges. Some of our house clearances have been free or if the house contains items of a high value we could end up paying you for the privilege of the clearance.

Here’s an example of a house clearance we provided to a client:
The client lived in a 1 bedroom flat on the ground floor.
It had only one access, through the front door.
They didn’t have garage or shed.
The flat didn’t contain many valuable or sellable items and most of the items were to be disposed of.
This house clearance cost £275

As well as a house clearance service we also provide a rubbish clearance service, the property may not contain any items that are sellable or valuable and instead it’s just stockpiled with waste. If this is the case our experienced clearance team will remove and dispose of any waste from the property in the correct manner and make sure that the house is clean and tidy.  We always adhere to the strict environmental policies set and believe in recycle, recycle, recycle in order to help aid in the reduction of landfills.
Our clearance team have experience clearing almost anything and everything from sheds, garages and even vehicles. If you aren’t sure whether or not you require our services give us a call you may be surprised at what we will clear.

Due to our outstanding service and wide range of operating areas we have provided our house clearance and rubbish clearance services for commercial clearances. These are non-residential clearances that are strictly for commercial buildings, such as offices, cafes, and tyre centres etc. We have supplied these services to many national bodies such as, HM Revenue and Customs, Essex Police and local authorities, who are returning customers. Our commercial clearance service is carried out swiftly and professionally.
We have worked with many people over the years each receiving the same standard or service.

Estate Agents / Letting Agents – if you have a property to sell or relet we can provide a professional and fast service and once we have completed the house clearance and rubbish clearance we can even take photos of the property if required.
Landlords – The tenant of the property has moved and you may require the house to be cleared of furniture or waste we can ensure that the property is cleared and prepared for the next tenant.
Probate Solicitor/ Executor– If the resident or owner of a property passes away we can provide a swift and tactful house clearance or rubbish clearance service to ensure the property is ready to be resold or relet.
Residential Home Manager – If the resident of a room or property passes away we can provide a fast and discreet service to ensure that the property is ready for its next resident.

And of course we also provide our efficient and professional service to the people of Walthamstow. We promise to make sure that your property is cleared quickly and you receive a brilliant service.

As well as all this we are also an auction house and if we feel an item could do better at auction we will set up an auction and see if the item is worth more than its estimated value.

Another service we provide to our customers is a Probate Valuation service, in the unfortunate circumstance that someone passes away and you find yourself requiring our services we will ensure that we make the process as easy for you as possible. We are always polite and considerate towards any situation and can offer you advice and guidance on the steps you will need to take. We cover all aspects of Probate valuations, our experienced valuers can help you value any items you may have and we guarantee to give you the best possible price as we keep up to date with changes in the market. We can also provide our house clearance or rubbish clearance to you if the property in Walthamstow requires clearing.

On request we can provide hard copies of our services and receipts to show what we charged for and what services we provided.  A house clearance can be a difficult time and we can supply a discreet service to help swiftly and carefully get the job done for you.

To learn more about our services please give us a call we offer free advice and quotations.

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